International education can mean many different things and its definition is debated. Some have defined two general meanings according to its involvement of students. The first refers to education that transcends national borders by the exchange of people, for example, by students travelling to study at an international branch campus, as part of a study abroad program or as part of a student exchange program. The second is a comprehensive approach to education that intentionally prepares students to be active and engaged participants in an interconnected world. This would be done trans-nationally, with all facilities provided at a local centre, with “accessibility” and “affordability” being key components of this method of international education.

It is keeping with this vision of providing the opportunity for local and foreign students to read for an international Degree programme, that Horizon Campus has partnered with 3 International Universities, namely, The University of London International Programmes, Nilai University, Malaysia, & Arkansas State University, United States. Currently Horizon Campus provides for over 6 degree programmes in a wide ranging field from Law, Accounting, Economics, Banking,  Bio-Technology, Business Management etc, which are mostly 3 year degree programmes, conducted on full time & part time basis. The Bio-technology degree is offered through Nilai University, Malaysia. All Business related degrees and the Law degree is offered through the UoL, UK, while a further degree in Biotechnology is also offered through AState, USA. The curriculums that are taught would refer to the recognized International standards in the given field of study, with reference to the local perspective, be it UK, US or Malaysia. In this sense, the degree student is assured of getting a true insight into the international setting and workings of the selected area of study.

Not only is Horizon Campus keen on offering the most discerning student the opportunity of studying for a degree of choice, but also keen to make learning affordable. With this at heart, Horizon has also offered merit scholarships for students who have selected to study certain degree programmes, which may be costly for most. Further details with regards to the International Degree programmes on offer, admission criteria, costs involved could be obtained by contacting the respective coordinator at the Campus.
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